96 River Glen Drive Staging Checklist - Updated July 3


96 River Glen Drive Staging Checklist

July, 2019

Report Overview: The goal for staging 96 River Glen Drive is to make it an inviting home that will appeal to prospective buyers. This can be achieved by removing decor and personal items and staging rooms throughout the home for a cohesive appearance.  Click on recommended product photos to be linked for online purchase.


  • Store away personal items such as photos and art work as indicated.
  • Designer will arrange remaining items for a staged appearance at follow-up visit.
  • Deep clean the interior of the home to sparkle.
  • Touch-up paint throughout the home where walls are scuffed and hanging items have been taken down.
  • Replace low wattage light bulbs (60W or below) with brightest bulbs recommended by manufacturer. Similar fixtures within each room should have matching bulbs. Corkscrew bulbs should be removed. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be dusted and cleaned.
  • Replace/add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors if discolored and if not near all sleeping areas.
  • Windows including glass, screens, and sills should be spotless allowing the maximum amount of natural light to enter the home. Unused screens can be stored to brighten rooms.


  • Keep the landscaping tidy and add fresh mulch and plantings as needed.
  • Add a large, neutral door mat at the front door for a grand appearance. Rubber-Cal 24"x57" 
  • If possible, add potted flowers on either side of the front door and on the back deck and patio.
  • On the back deck, move the pair of chairs and ottoman and the side tables to the lower level patio.  
  • On the lower level patio, remove the shovels and the doormats. Designer will place furnishings that were brought down from the deck.
Entry, Stairs, and Hallways to Garage and Daughter's Bedroom
  • Remove all items other than the rug, large red and black canvas art, the bench, the framed mirror, and the table that's below the mirror. 
  • Place the large vase with white flowers that's behind the front door on the table.
  • In both hallways, remove all items other than the runner rugs.

    Daughter's Bedroom

    • Move the pink faux flowers in the square white vase to the bathroom vanity.
    • Remove all personal items and everything from the walls other than the ocean art piece and the cleared-off peg board.
    • Remove the white floating wall shelves that are on the left side of the bed, the cube storage unit that the sock monkey is on top of, the owl rug, the wood and white nesting tables near the window, and the open shelf cabinet that's near the door to the hallway to make the room appear large.
    • Take down the window treatments and patch the walls.

      Daughter's Bathroom

      • Remove the shoe cubby to make the closet appear larger.
      • Tidy the closet keeping the floor space cleared, items neatly arranged on shelves, and clothes arranged by color on matching hangers.  
      • Take down all of the art from the walls except for the red flower above the towel racks.
      • Remove all personal items and the glass shelves by the window.
      • Keep the turquoise towels and rugs in place for showings.
      • The white towels can be used to stage the master bathroom.
      • Place the pink faux flowers from the bedroom on the vanity.

      Powder Room 

      • Remove the framed mirror by the door and the basket of potpourri.


      • Keep the tall vase with reeds and the baskets that are in the cubby holes for staging.
      • Remove the beer steins.


      • Neatly organize items within the garage.
      • Wash the floor and clean the windows and walls.
      • Remove vehicles for showings.

        Living Room

        • Remove all items from the walls other than the art above the fireplace.
        • Store the extra dining chairs, the red rug that's in front of the bar and the rugs that are in front of the doors to the deck, the wire cats above the bar, the piece of the sofa that's by the bar, and the vase with red flowers that's beside the fireplace.
        • Clear all items from the counter at the bar and pair down the glass front cabinet contents by fifty percent.
        • Clear off the table and its shelves that are between the pair of chairs by the window.
        Dining Room
        • Keep the large area rug, pear art piece, TV, table, and eight chairs in place.
        • Store the extra dining chair.
        • Add a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table for showings.


        • For showings, tuck away the pet bowls and the trash bin that's visible from the living room.  Clear off the counters other than the copper canisters, soap at the sink, the decorative items near the refrigerator, and the cooking supplies near the cook top.  Remove the rug that's in front of the refrigerator.  Add a light-colored dish towel on the oven door.
        • Designer will arrange remaining items on counter at follow up visit.

            Hallway to the Master Bedroom

            • Remove the art from the walls.
            • Keep the runner rug in place.


            • For showings clear off the desk surface as much as possible and tuck in the chair.

            Powder Room Across from Office

            • Swap the art piece for one of a similar size that has a neutral subject matter such as the one from the hallway.
            • Remove the monogrammed towel and add a plain hand towel in its place.

            Master Bedroom

            • Move the exercise bench to the downstairs gym.
            • Store all art from the walls other than the large piece above the dresser by the door and a single piece to hang centered above the bed.
            • Tidy the shelves below the TV and store away any items that are personal or eye-catching.
            • For showings, clear off the tops of the bedside tables, switch on the bedside lamps, and remove the dark red pillows so the bed is mostly white.

              Master Bath

              • Organize closets by clearing the floor space as much as possible, pairing down clothing stored within by fifty percent, and arranging hanging items by color on matching hangers.  This appeals to buyers because it makes the closets look bigger and neat.
              • Remove all items other than the candle that's on the makeup vanity, the vanity bench, the fur that's on it, the rug that's below it, and the fur runner by the tub.
              • Designer will arrange items at follow-up visit.
              • Add a light rug between the vanities and a large faux white orchid on the makeup vanity.  (Rug:  nuLOOM Moroccan Grey/Off-white 5' x 7'-5")
              • For showings, add 4+ white bath towels and 2+ white hand towels.

              Family Room

              • Store the art other than the USA map large art piece and the sculpture above the bar.
              • Clear off the bar counter.
              • Store the easels and extra plastic bins so that just the table, chairs, white drawers, and the floor lamp remain in the art area.
              • Store family photos, leaving just decorative items on the shelves and designer will arrange at follow up visit.

                Exercise Room

                • Keep exercise equipment and the TV in place.  The room should not be overcrowded with equipment.  Store extra equipment.

                  Bathroom Connected to Exercise Room

                  • Remove the monogrammed towel.
                  • Use the brown towels and bath mat for staging.
                  • Swap the art piece for one that's light-colored to brighten the space.
                  • Remove the soaps from the shower.

                  Guest Bedroom

                  • Clear the walk-in closet out completely.
                  • Clear off the bedside tables other than the lamps and store the round rug.
                  • Touch-up where curtain hardware was removed by the patio door.

                  Guest Bathroom

                  • Remove the rubber ducky art piece and the bottles from the shower.
                  • Keep all towels, rugs, silver vase with reeds, and art piece in the WC in place for staging.

                  Laundry Room

                  • For showings, add a fresh, light-colored hand towel at the sink and clear off the counters other than the soap at the sink.

                  Storage Room

                  • Any items in this space should be neatly stored/stacked on the wire shelves.

                  Son's Bedroom

                  • Remove personal items and art work other than the wave picture.
                  • Tidy the closet keeping the floor space cleared, items neatly arranged on shelves, and clothes arranged by color on matching hangers.  
                  • Clear off the desk and push in the chair for a staged appearance.

                  Son's Bathroom

                  • Remove personal items.
                  • Consider repairing the chipped vanity mirror.
                  • Display the green towels and rug and clear off the counters for showings.

                  Lower Level Entertainment Room

                  • Remove art from the stairway walls.
                  • Remove all items other than the side tables, sectional, ottoman, pillows, TV, and standing bicycle art piece.
                  • Rotate the sectional ninety degrees so that it faces toward the stairs for a staged appearance.


                        This list is for recommendation purposes only. Items may be purchased at the discretion of the homeowner. Sizing and specifications should be verified by purchaser.