FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stage My Listings?

Stage My Listings is a convenient way for homeowners to get professional staging guidance proven to help them sell their home faster and for the greatest price.  From the curb appeal to the kitchen, I address the property room-by-room, in a concise, orderly list of recommendations.  This streamlined process gives you peace of mind knowing your staging has been professionally advised. 

I offer a realistic approach to staging that makes use of the furnishings and decor the homeowner already owns while providing cost effective upgrade ideas with convenient links to shop online.  We give practical advice that will provide the greatest return on investment for the homeowner.

Stage My Listings delivers a custom Staging Punch List to your inbox in 2 business days, giving homeowners convenient, professional guidance to prepare their home.

How does it work?

Step One:  Purchase an In-Person Staging or Video Call Staging according to the size of the home you will be listing.  Tour us through the home with a scheduled in-person appointment or video call.

Step Two:  2 business days later you will receive a custom Staging Puch List.  You will have access to me for questions that may arise during the staging process.

Step Three:  Once the home is ready, a follow-up visit or video call and a Showing Prep List insure a staged appearance for your listing photos and each showing.

How much does it cost?

Our prices are based on the square footage of the home according to your county assessor's office.  In-person Stagings start at $500 and Video Call Stagings at $250.

What's included in my Staging Report?

The Staging Punch List will be emailed to you in PDF format.  The Report contains an overview stating the objectives of the staging, room-by-room (including exterior) recommendations, and shop-able product links. 

Because I believe staging is holistic in nature, I address every area of the home's interior and exterior.  Since buyers are apt to look inside of closets and cupboards, so do I! 

Starting at the curb, your customized Staging Report may include items such as:  replacing house numbers to make them more visible from the street, trimming back overgrown hedges, or hanging an American flag - easy updates that attract buyers.

Inside the house, I include tips to lighten and brighten, depersonalize, and de-clutter.  I give specifications with links for shopping for home improvements such as paint, carpet and flooring, plumbing, hardware, lighting, and appliances.  Within each room I consider the traffic flow, specific use of space, furniture placement, and focal point(s).  Common furnishing specifications include neutral colored towels and bedding, door mats, throw pillows, and sheer draperies.

Product specifications are exact products for purchase online (some through my affiliate vendors such as Amazon).  Stage My Listings does not stock or sell products.  Your PDF Staging Punch List will contain direct links to online vendors for the purchase of recommended products.

** I am practical by nature and only recommend home improvements I believe will give the homeowner a substantial return for their time and money invested.

Do you indicate exactly which products to buy?

Yes! Your Punch List will include specific products with clickable shopping links for online purchase.  I am budget conscious, consistently sourcing dependable products that are affordable and effective.

What if I don't like the advice?

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with our advice, contact us within 7 days of receipt of your Punch List for a full refund.

What's required from me?

To prepare for in-home visits or video calls please have interior lights switched on and distractions kept to a minimum.  ** You DO NOT need to clean-up your home!  I prefer your house to be in as-is condition for an objective review.  

Once the home has been prepared following the recommendations you wish to implement, you arrange your follow-up visit or video call.

All recommendations will be included in the Punch List and Showing Prep List, so there is no need to take notes during our visits.

I uphold a 24 hour cancellation/re-schedule policy for all appointments.

What if questions come up along the way?

Your order confirmation email will include my direct contact for questions that may arise pertaining to the Punch List, the Showing Prep List, or the staging in general. 

Who should be present for the initial and follow-up appointments?

I prefer to tour the home with the homeowner or a Realtor representing the listing.  All recommendations will be included in the Punch List, so there is no need to take notes during the appointment.