Infill Development Partners - Investor Proposal

Value-Add via Land Splits

Why land splits?

Land splits outperform returns on residential construction and fix-and-flips, are based on a finite resource, and provide a low risk investment.  However, the greatest advantage of investing in land splits are the high returns, making your money work harder to achieve your financial goals.

  • Risk-Averse
    • Since the supply of land is basically fixed, changes in demand are the only thing that can impact the price of land.
    • Recent studies support the fact that housing prices in many U.S. cities have increasingly reflected underlying land value rather than building value.
  • Value-Adding
    • “The sum of the parts is greater than the whole”
    • Optimizes the potential of real estate
  • Above-Average Returns
    • Projected returns higher than new construction or fix-and-flips
    • Get Paid quickly
  • Easy to Invest
    • Variety of funding options through a bonded and insured title company
    • Passive, no management responsibilities

Executive Summary

Infill Development Partners was formed in 2004 to oversee an urban residential development in Carbondale, Colorado.  IDP has since been partner and owner/operator of multiple, similar projects using the value-add through infill approach.

This offering provides the ability to partner with IDP to acquire, add value through infill - land split efforts, and profit from the sale of the resulting real estate parcels.  Projects to be undertaken will be presented along with their unique pro forma.


Potential projects will be sourced from the Western Colorado region ranging from Glenwood Springs to Silt.  The proximity to the Aspen and Vail valleys is complemented by the ease of access to the I-70 corridor.

Nearby amenities in Glenwood Springs and Rifle include shopping centers, several grocers, and restaurants.  In addition to being in close proximity to the financial influx and job market of the Aspen and Vail valleys, there are health resources including 2 large hospitals and various clinics, as well as Colorado Mountain College and multiple natural resource staging, production, and processing companies in the area. 

The subject area has seen consistent growth in the residential sector with an 8.4% population growth since 2010.


Urban properties greater than 10,000 sf and rural properties greater than 4 acres, all of which will have one or more existing residence in place will be considered for development.  On and off-market properties will be sourced.

Urban residential real estate has increased in value following the economic growth in the resort communities of Aspen and Vail.  Developable lots within city limits are few. A residential lot split creates a build-ready lot while nearly maintaining the value of the existing residence.  

At the same time, demand for homes on small acreage in close proximity to Glenwood Springs, New Castle, and Silt is high, however, resources are limited.  Splitting a lot(s) away from a large-acreage parcel and maintaining the existing residence on a smaller parcel, creates vacant, saleable lots.

Zoning in the 3 noted cities allows for a lot split in residential zoning districts through the respective city’s planning office while Garfield County Community Development will grant a Minor Subdivision to create no more than 4 lots with the resulting lots being no less than 2 acres.


The development team consists of experienced partners including a Real Estate Analyst with 30+ years residential development history in the Aspen Valley, a Glenwood Springs Co-Owner/Broker Realtor with 25+ years experience in the target region, as well as a Residential Construction Contractor and Project Manager.


Investment partners will fund 100% of the acquisition and improvements to projects in exchange for 50% of profits.  Sourced projects will deliver returns for our partners ranging from 10 - 25% with a typical investment period of 9-12 months.  While the primary model will be buy, split, sell, each project will be analyzed prior to investment and opportunity may present to buy, split, and hold.  In the case of the later, the property to be held would be refinanced to conclude the partnership arrangement.


Perhaps like yourself, I’m drawn to the potential of real estate.  That’s why the goal of Infill Development Partners is to maximize the value of residential real estate to bring its partners the safest risk balanced with strong returns. I’ve made seeking out infill opportunities my full time focus, so that your involvement as a partner can have minimal impact on your day-to-day work and family life.

Sourcing new opportunities in the real estate market of Western Colorado, I help grow profits for you as a partner.  I’m currently in working relationship with Realtors and homeowners through my interior design and staging businesses giving ongoing access to opportunities for you to put your money to work for steady returns. 

As a design consultant and long-time personal investor in multi-family and personal real estate, I’ve seen the important role that homes play.  I’m a wife and a mom of beautiful twin girls and I love making houses look their best inside and out.  Since 2004, I’ve been privileged to design luxury homes in Aspen, Colorado as well as homeowners like you and I who don’t have millions to spend, help hundreds of sellers prepare for market through my home staging business, and invest personally in infill real estate projects. 

Together, let’s gr



Duplex + SFR | Lot Split | Purchased June 2004

Within the downtown core of Carbondale, the original duplex was remodeled to increase the number of bedrooms and a detached, oversized garage was split away and converted into a two bedroom, two bath home on its own lot.  Project completed in 2005.

Purchase price: $315,000 | Renovation cost: $150,000 | After repair value: $800,000


SFR + 8 Units | Lot Line Adjustment | Purchased June 2008

Located in Orchard Mesa, south of downtown Grand Junction, a single family home (2706) is adjacent to a vacant lot (301).  With a lot line adjustment the vacant lot is expanded to 16,013 sf, utilizing the current zoning density to accommodate 4 townhomes each with its own detached garage and ADU (accessory dwelling unit).  Plans in place with preliminary approval from the City of Grand Junction.

Purchase price: $314,900 | Anticipated development cost: $890,000 | Anticipated ARV: $1,670,000


SFR | Renovation | Purchased July 2017

On the bank of the Roaring Fork River, outside of Glenwood Springs this 3,684 sf home originally built in 1974 was renovated and sold in 2020.  Updates were completed to bring the home to top-of-market resale value including new and refinished flooring, new lighting, plumbing, and paint, and appliance and hardware swaps throughout the home.

Purchase price: $1,125,000 | Renovation cost: $    | Sale price: $2,210,000