Terms & Conditions

Stage My Listings provides online staging services only. You agree that all communications and services will be provided by us to you solely by electronic means. All design suggestions and advice provided by Stage My Listings are provided to improve the aesthetic of your listing and are not intended for construction.

The client is responsible for providing all necessary details in regards to the subject property including dimensions. Inaccuracies and omissions are the responsibility of the client. It is the client’s responsibility to provide an accurate and clear written description as well as clear and useable video through FaceTime.

Stage My Listings reserves the right to deny any client request if we determine it does not fit the scope of our services.

Each client is responsible for the final design of their space, as well as for all furnishing and other product selections, including style, color, finish, fit and size, whether or not they are purchased through Stage My Listings recommendations and links. While Stage My Listings may make design and product suggestions as part of the services that it provides, it assumes no responsibility for their final selection.

Any furnishings or other products that are purchased through links provided by Stage My Listings are provided by third party vendors. We may also from time to time identify third party service providers for you. While we endeavor to work with businesses and individuals with reputations for providing high quality products and services, we are not responsible for examining or evaluating, and we do not warrant, the offerings of any of these businesses or individuals or any specific products or services they may provide. We are not responsible for delivery dates, scheduling matters, errors or omissions related to any furnishings, other products or services purchased by a client from a third party vendor or service provider. The client is solely responsible for all site measurements, and for ensuring that any furnishings or other products ordered through Stage My Listings links can be delivered to the client’s site and will fit through any entryways, hallways, elevators and up or down any stairways and around any other obstacles. Any purchases from third party vendors or service providers are the client’s sole responsibility, are at the client’s risk and are subject to any additional terms and conditions imposed by such vendor or service provider. Stage My Listings is not responsible for the resolution of any dispute between a client and any third party vendor or service provider.

Stage My Listings has the right to publicize any design work at any stage, in whole or in part. All work product, decorative schemes and staging design created by Stage My Listings is the sole property of Stage My Listings and may not be advertised or publicized in any manner without the prior written consent of Stage My Listings.

This website may contain links to other websites on the internet. You acknowledge that we have no control over such websites and that we are not responsible for the accuracy, content, legality or any other aspect of any linked website. In no event shall any reference to any third party, third party website or third party product or service be construed as an approval or endorsement by us of that third party, third party website or of any product or service provided by a third party.

You agree that your use of this website, these terms and conditions and any dispute of any sort that may arise between you and Stage My Listings will be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado. You and Stage My Listings agree that any disputes shall be brought exclusively in courts located within the county of Garfield, Colorado, and you and Stage My Listings agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of such courts. You consent to the jurisdiction of such courts and irrevocably waive any objection including without limitation any objection to the laying of venue or based on the grounds of forum non convenience which you may now or hereafter have to the bringing of any such action or proceeding in such jurisdiction.

If at any time any of these terms or conditions are deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, that term or condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforce-ability of any remaining term or condition.